The growth story

This page is intended for webmasters in the health space who are inspired by the growth story of successful health websites. Here is a quarterly log of our growth till now. Although monetary gain is not the primary purpose of this noble venture, we do need money to deliver trust worthy content. The affiliate income provided here are for reference and inspiration purpose only and should not be used as a guidance for what you can expect from your website. Each website has a unique fingerprint and its monetary aspects are closely tied to that.

26 February 2017
Purchased hosting from SiteGround (We recommend them!) and started building

05 March 2017 is live!

02 November 2017

Bought new domain via Google Domains.

07 November 2017

Re-branded existing site and migrated contents to our new domain to make the name more brandable.

08 April 2018

Traffic is slowly building…

  • Total posts published: 30
  • Total answers published: 09
  • Affiliate income till date(Amazon):6 sales/$6.42 (2017) + 18 sales/$15.18 (Till Mar 31, 2018) = 24 sales/$21.60
  • Stats:

Going forward, statistics will be tracked on a quarterly basis. Next update on July 1st week.

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