Overweight & Obesity

Natural Home Remedies To Treat – Overweight and Obesity

Obesity can be life-threatening. It is so difficult to fight obesity and it feels as if you’re up against a wall. No matter what you do, obesity remains stubborn and stiff.

People who’re overweight are at a higher risk of developing obesity. Heredity plays a huge role in defining who’s at most risk of being obese; however, it is not the only way to determine obesity.

The way you eat, sleep, drink, do chores, and the way your body processes nutrients, carbs, proteins and fats matter too.

Although there are countless ways to battle obesity, one may not be able to do so easily as it is very difficult to exercise daily and spare time from your busy schedule.

You may also be fed up with working out and eating no carbs. Some people opt for extreme measures such as surgeries and chemical medicines, but they’re all temporary. You can rather try home remedies that keep obesity away.

Here are a few natural home remedies to treat Overweight & Obesity.

1. Lemon Water + Honey

Studies explain how starting your day with an antioxidant can promote weight loss and detoxify your arteries and cells.

Lemon water contains a lot of Vitamin C which helps your body accelerate the fat-burning mechanism and honey contains antioxidants that can prevent your fat cells from storing fats.

Since these two are very commonly found in every kitchen, this remedy is preferred and loved by everyone.

Just put one to two spoons of honey in your lemon water and drink it first thing in the morning to lose excess weight.

2. Seeds

Instead of eating junk food in bulk and never feel fuller, you should try consuming some healthy seeds that are rich in nutrients, minerals, and medicinal properties.

Seeds such as fenugreek seeds can increase your digestive and metabolic rate by boosting healthy enzymes.

Carrom and Cumin seeds can further help detoxify your body of toxins and promote shedding weight around the stubborn areas.

3. Herbal Tea

Our world is full of hardworking and workaholic people who love fatty beverages. Consuming coffee, milk tea and other such beverages may boost your calorie intake.

You definitely don’t want that. You can try a lot of herbal tea or green tea options.

For example, cinnamon honey tea, chamomile tea, holy basil and ginger tea, Lavender tea etc. Green and herbal tea can play a huge role in regulating insulin, leptin and other hormone levels.

Did you know that a cup of green tea only contains 2-3 calories? That’s why they’re great for fat loss. They suppress appetite and have so many other obesity-fighting properties.

4. Protein-Rich Diet

Most people think that protein is only taken by bodybuilders at the gym. However, protein contains a lot of nutrients that can be very helpful for you to lose weight.

Since protein does the job of regulating hormones, metabolism and digestion, it can be used for people who want to lose weight as well as people who want to gain weight.

A protein-rich diet for weight loss can make you feel fuller earlier than usual and it will prevent you from eating more. You can eat eggs, cottage cheese, dry fruits, nuts, soybeans etc for a protein-filled diet.

5. Cut down sugar

Artificial sugar can take a toll on your overall health. It can cause many heart diseases, kidney problems and digestive disorders too. Don’t forget the king of diseases: DIABETES.

Many people who’re obese are said to have high blood sugar levels. If you feel tired or your energy levels drop suddenly and rise out of nowhere, chances are your blood sugar levels are fluctuating.

If you try to reduce the sugar intake, it can benefit you. You can replace the artificial sweeteners and white sugar with honey or jaggery.

6. Hydration

Filling up your body with fluids can be the best way to keep the digestive enzymes working. It can also prevent dehydration. If you try to workout without drinking enough water or juices, it can lead to severe dehydration and you may land in an emergency unit.

Hydration is the most important and effective way of losing body fats. Drinking water, juice, smoothies or some protein smoothies can reduce your calorie intake and help you remain energetic throughout the day.

You may also get your natural sugar from juices and other healthy beverages that prevent you from eating sweets and carbs.

7. Add Leafy Vegetables

Vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, are rich sources of minerals, vitamins and nutrients that can promote various functions in your body.

Studies explain how consuming more vegetables throughout the day can increase your body’s metabolism and digestive abilities.

Many vegetables have extremely low calories and can be consumed even when you’re ill. Because our bodies can digest leafy vegetables in just 20-30 minutes, they’re extremely good for weight loss.

You may include them in the form of salads, juices, smoothies or consume them raw too! They’re great appetite suppressants.

8. Mint Leaves

Mint leaves are said to stimulate digestive enzymes and keep the stomach acids alive. This helps absorb nutrients from your food and you can enjoy many nutritional benefits too.

Chewing some mint leaves after your meals is a great habit that promotes fat loss.

Also, mint is low in calories, so you may have more of these leaves every day. It reduces stubborn belly fat. Also, have basil and curry leaves to enhance your overall health.

9. Berries

Avoid snacks that are rich in carbs and fats. Most people feel hungry in the afternoon and in the evening around 5-6 pm. This is when they crack-open a packet of chips or eat a lot of carbs to fill their tummies. However, these are never healthy.

Scientifically, berries are extremely rich sources of antioxidants and you can consume them on a daily basis.

Take them in the form of juices, fruit salads or just eat them raw. Blueberries, blackberries, cranberries or raspberries are great. Although strawberries are not technically berries, they’re great low-calorie munchies too!

Berries are loaded with antioxidants that can help you burn fat at a steady pace.

10. Aloe Vera Juice

Consume a cup of aloe vera juice every day. This should be unsweetened in the most original form. You can drink it once or twice every day for a few weeks to detoxify your body and help the fat cells to release fats.


Weight loss home remedies definitely work for everyone. However, this doesn’t mean you should remain inactive. Exercising is important.

Studies explain how a calorie-deficit diet can be really helpful in losing weight and fighting obesity. Move around the house or keep walking. Do 5-minute quick workouts at home.

If you are sceptical of a herb or ingredient, don’t consume it without a doctor’s consent.












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