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Home Remedies For Headache Relief While Pregnant: Easy and Safe

When you’re pregnant, every minute thing bothers you. You’re happy for your little one but also worried about every little thing that happens to you.

Headaches are quite common during pregnancy. Sometimes, women who’re pregnant think a lot and develop headaches, whereas some women experience them truly in the first and third trimesters. 

You might wonder if it is always right to depend on harmful medicines when you’re pregnant. There’s so much going on: nausea, sickness, loss of appetite, too much appetite, and headaches.

You can’t keep popping pills for everything, right. That’s why doctors suggest pregnant women to try some home remedies to relieve their headaches.

Here are a few natural home remedies to treat headaches when you’re pregnant.

1. Hot/Cold Compress

When blood vessels expand and contract during pregnancy, women can experience terrible migraines or normal headaches.

You can make a cold compress by dipping a plain clean towel in a bowl of cold water. Then place the cold towel on your forehead and eyes. It helps relax the veins.

Also, you can make a hot compress by dipping another plain clean towel in a bowl of hot water. Then place the hot towel on your forehead and eyes. You can try either of these and experience relief.

2. Raw Ginger/Ginger Tea

Since ginger is known for its ability to heal and treat nausea and other symptoms of sickness it can also treat headaches.

Ginger prevents muscle expansion and contraction and hence it can control headaches too. You may consume raw ginger or make a ginger herbal tea.

Consuming ginger helps with metabolism and boosts appetite too.

3. Increase the Water Intake

When you’re pregnant, your body needs more water than usual. When the body is dehydrated, you may suffer from nausea, dizziness, weakness, and headaches too.

It is very important to keep your body hydrated, this can enhance your skin and hair condition too.

When you have a headache, see to it that you’re drinking water every now and then. If it is difficult to drink a full glass of water, sip it in intervals but you must drink water. Water helps the blood vessels to move freely and reduce tension in the brain.

Many studies prove how remaining hydrated can treat headaches during pregnancy. 

4. Power Nap

Power naps have great healing benefits. Pregnancy can make you tired and you can experience fatigue. It is very important to provide enough rest so your body can recover well. 

It is a given how difficult daily chores can get during pregnancy and you may have not slept well the other night.

If that is the case, try to make the room a bit cold, dark, and cozy. Take a quick power nap and you will see the headache has gone when you wake up.

5. Yoga

Women join yoga classes with other pregnant women. This is a great experience to be shared by all pregnant women. They can exercise together and even share their experiences.

In case you haven’t started practicing yoga, let me tell you that it is very important for the baby. Yoga is said to release the stress hormones from the body while relaxing the uterus too. 

Since stress can be the biggest reason of all headaches, yoga should be performed on a regular basis.

6. Massage

No, it isn’t about the rough and tough massage here. We’re talking about the prenatal massage sessions for you and your baby’s relaxation.

You may massage your shoulders, toes, and the base of your skull with either bare hands or with some essential oils. Do not rub too harshly as that might cause contractions, gently massage the skull for best results.

Some women prefer oiling and massaging their head with minty oils. The fragrance and massage can treat headaches too.

7. Limit the meals

Having too much or too little for your lunch or dinner can trigger headaches too. 

Studies prove how eating very little can cause migraines. Whereas, women who eat a lot can have indigestion induced headaches or migraines. You should watch what you eat.

Things to avoid: caffeine, alcohol, wine, tamarind, excessive chilies, and chili powder.

Things to consume: fruits, vegetables, whole wheat tortillas and bread, lemon, and herbs.

8. Lemon Juice

Lack of Vitamin C in women during pregnancy can cause headaches. Since lemon juice is the best and fastest way to increase vitamin C in the body, it can treat headaches too.

You make take a glass of lukewarm water and add some grated ginger to it. You can also add some black pepper and squeeze half lemon in it. Remember to drink it a bit warm only.

This is the fastest way to treat headaches at home.

9. Essential Oils/Oils

Massaging some essential oils on your temples or simply even smelling them can give you a relief. You may have heard of peppermint oil’s benefits. It is one of the best oils to massage your temples with. It gives you a cooling effect and your migraines and headaches will vanish in a jiffy.

Lavender oil is said to relieve headaches very well as it has soothing properties.

You may even massage your head with Omega-3 oils to instantly relieve the headaches. These include olive oil, canola oil, and many more. You may include these in your diet for faster results.

10. Watch out for Triggers

Some women experience headaches due to certain foods and scents when they’re pregnant. If you find out what’s triggering the headaches, it can help you get better faster. 

It is advised how you must avoid strong scents, smells, and light. Loud music may trigger headaches too. Once you find out the cause, it is easier for you to avoid headaches and heal from within. 

In case you’re allergic to some foods, please inform your chef or avoid adding those ingredients in your diet. Try to avoid strong tastes such as extremely spicy or sour.


Pregnancy is all about sweet days and making memories. Headaches can be very frustrating for mothers and of course, they need attention.

You can always talk to your doctor if the symptoms continue to persist and your headache gets worse even after trying all remedies. You can talk to elders too, as they always have traditional natural remedies to treat headaches during pregnancy.

To ensure you never have headaches again, sleep better, eat in limited quantity, do not wear a strong scent, and always clean your room.

Have a healthy and happy pregnancy!











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