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Herbal Home Remedies to Increase Penis Size: Safe, Fast, & Easy!

The internet world is full of supplements that claim to increase penis size. Nevertheless, no one knows if this works.

The stigma around penis size exists for centuries. People consider this a sign of masculinity. Furthermore, it also affects how people perceive their bodies. People often opt for surgical alternatives. But, these never stay for long.

People can increase their penis size by modifying their lifestyle. Quitting the habit to smoke is one such modification.

Other than, this exercise also can be equally effective in achieving this effect. However, many of these take time to produce an effect. Herbs, on the other hand, can take lesser time to produce the effect. Let us take a look at which are herbs are suitable for this purpose.

Korean Red Ginseng

The plant of Korean Red Ginseng is easily available in Asian regions. Which is the other name for this plant is Asian Ginseng or Chinese Ginseng.

This plant is popularly known to be helpful in the sexual reproductive system of both men and women. The plant must be of high quality. But the higher the quality, the higher the prices for this plant.

The active component of Red Ginseng contains ginsenosides. People also refer to them as ginseng saponins. Men who took the extracts of this plant claim that they experienced an increase in penis size. This effect was due to an increase in blood circulation towards the penis.

Gingko Biloba

The tree is natively cultivated in China. The medicinal properties of this herb make very common in traditional Chinese medicine.

It is also the only living member of its species. Chinese use the leaves of this tree to produce ginkgo extract. It is enriched with flavonoids and Terpenoids, both of which are potent antioxidants.

Similar to Korean red ginseng, it increases blood flow to the penis. It helps to increase penile size. However, currently, there are no researches that prove its efficacy in this regard.

The only evidence that exists is the testimonials from users themselves. People can consume the extract of this tree in the form of tea. However, people with a history of seizures must avoid this extract.

Pumpkin seeds

These seeds are from the pumpkin fruit. People in Asian regions eat a roasted form of these seeds. They have many nutritional benefits.

It contains a good amount of healthy oil and other minerals. Other than these, they also contain antioxidants. These help in the removal of toxic compounds from the body.

These seeds have aphrodisiac properties. These seeds help increase the size of the penis. That is because of the nutritional amount that it contains.

The surplus amount of vitamin E helps in increasing blood flow to the penis. However, the consumption of these seeds must be intolerable amounts. High consumption can cause digestive problems. Approximately 2 tablespoons in a day are sufficient to produce the effect.

Lepidium meyenii

The common name for this is Maca root or Peruvian ginseng. It is easily available in Central Peru. Maca itself is a vegetable that relates to cauliflower.

The root grows underground. People extract the roots and crush them in the form of powder. The taste of this Maca root extract is nutty. People can easily add it to their breakfast cereals and shakes to get the benefit.

It gives a boost to energy levels. The photochemical helps to produce this effect. Some inconclusive studies also claim that it helps to increase penis size. So, if you wish to gain these positive benefits, start taking this powder daily.

Horny goat weed

This herb is very commonly useful for the sexual reproductive system. There are mentions of fifteen species of this herb in Chinese medicine.

There are chemicals in the herb that help increase blood flow to the penis. Furthermore, it also improves the sexual well-being of the person.

Another property of this herb is that it helps to boost the production of testosterone. The active component icariin helps in mediating this effect. Intake of this herb in sufficient quantity and for a limited time is safe to use. There are currently no side effects of horny goat weed.


The other name for this herb is the Mulondo herb. It contains aphrodisiac properties. Entengo is native to Africa. Africans use it as a sexual enhancer. Furthermore, it is also an additive to food for its unique flavor.

Mulondo herb works by dilating the veins in the penis. This is how it helps with erectile dysfunction. Not only this, but it also helps with increasing penis size.

The majority of the men in Africa testify this positive effect of the herb. It not only increase the length but affects the girth of the penis as well. It is available in the form of cream, powder, pills or tea. In the case of cream, a simple topical application twice a day can be beneficial.


This is the bark of a tree that is native to the African region. The herbs help treat erectile dysfunction. It is also very popular among people who wish to lose fat in a short time.

The active component of this bark is Yohimbine. Yohimbine helps to increase nitric oxide levels in the blood. It will help the blood vessel of the penis to dilate. Various supplements that include Yohimbe. The reason behind this is because it helps increase penile size.


The extract from the leaves and roots of Cistanche is a medicinal shrub. This is very commonly available in the African region.

It possesses many health benefits. But mainly its effects are on sexual functions. The herbs help in solving sexual performance issues in men.

A tonic is made from the leaves of Cistanche. You can even boil the stem of the shrub and eat it. There are also capsules of this herb available that you can add in shakes and smoothies. The effect of Cistanche is because it increases the blood flow to the penis.


The common name for this herb is African Viagra. The functions of the herb are similar to its common name.

The herbs are popular in Africa for its function of increase penis size. Furthermore, it also improves potency and is a booster to sexual performance.

Bangalala is available in three forms. You can either purchase the roots, the extract in the form of liquid or a spray. The function of Bangalala is because it improves the circulation of blood to the veins of the penis. It quickly produces its effect in comparison to other herbs.


There are varieties of Chinese and African herbs that help to increase the penis size. However, not many pieces of research prove the effects of these herbs. But, since their use is quite useful since traditional ages, people like to try them out.

One must bear in mind that herbal supplements are not always safe to consume. That is especially in cases where it can produce an allergic reaction.

Therefore, always buy herbs from authentic suppliers. Because there many products that look similar and are not authentic.

Also, consult with your doctor if you wish to start on herbal medicines. In this way, you will ultimately know about its pros and cons. lastly, herbal medicines take time to be effective. Therefore, be patient.

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