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Herbal Home Remedies For Cough & Cold: 11 Amazing & Easy Tips

Cold is as common as a sneeze. Almost every human has experienced cold with some coughing and hay fever.

It can happen to anyone. There’s no reason to fear, but you should be very careful when dealing with the cold. In some cases, it can be contagious and may harm the people around you too. Hence, it is always advised you to treat cold as soon as possible.

Most people prefer staying in bed and resting. When the cold progresses and troubles one more, he/she may go to a doctor.

Since doctors usually prescribe high dosage medicines, people tend to avoid taking such medicines. Everyone loves trying herbal home remedies as they’re equally effective and quick.

Here are a few herbal home remedies for treating cold at the comfort of your home.

1. Ginger

Ginger has been used for centuries now to treat cold, cough, sore throat and hay fever. Since it has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, it can help treat cold from its roots. Regular consumption of ginger can treat chronic cold too.

Boiling ginger slices in water can help prevent you from cold. It is said to relieve stuffy or choked nose, breathing difficulties and also helps clearing throat.

It increases your body’s immunity to fight against the common cold.

2. Garlic

Garlic contains antimicrobial properties that can destroy the cold from within. Consuming raw garlic or adding its paste to your meals can help clear the throat. 

Garlic’s strong flavour and aroma can help clear the congestion too. 

The nutrients in garlic are so impactful, they also prevent heart health, skin health and lung health. Regular consumption of garlic can reduce your chances of getting cold.

3. Chicken Soup

Who doesn’t like Chicken (only the vegetarians and vegans, of course)? Most studies explain how consuming a hot bowl of chicken soup with lots of healthy vegetables can treat and clear up the congestion. 

Chicken soup can slow down the movement of white blood cells that can help the white blood cells fight each cold virus. 

It is also a great way to reduce the risk of future infections in the respiratory tract. The nutritional value of chicken soup helps your body remain hydrated and nutritious while you’re sick.

4. Honey

Consuming raw honey at least twice a day can help soothe the throat skin. The helps the mucus pass and flushes out toxins from the respiratory tract. 

Honey can reduce the symptoms of cold and flu easily. You may add honey to a mixture of spices. Ground a cinnamon stick and add some honey to it. This clears congestion immediately and eases infection in the tonsilitis as well.

You may also make it a habit to include honey in all your green teas to ensure you get no recurring cold infections in future.

5. Sour Fruits

As Sour Fruits are rich in Vitamin C, they can help raise your body’s immunity. The antioxidants received from consuming fresh sour fruits like oranges, grapefruits, lemons and green leafy vegetables, can help your body become immune to cold.

You can consume fresh fruit juice every day to maintain good health. This also helps increase the white blood cells to improve your body’s defence mechanism. 

Additionally, adding two-three drops of lemon to your green tea along with honey daily can help you relieve the congestion and ease the symptoms of cold. It can help ease headaches and stuffy-runny nose too. Also, lemons and other fruits have the ability to treat hay fever if consumed regularly.

6. Yogurt/Other Probiotics

Consuming yogurt or other probiotics can provide your body with some healthy bacteria and yeast that are needed to fight the cold and cough. These can help the digestive and respiratory system to become stronger.

Probiotics are found in many health supplements as they have a lot of protein and calcium to raise our body’s immunity in the most natural manner. Even the antibiotics you consume during the common cold might have probiotics.

7. Salt Water/Gargle

Salt is said to have cleansing properties. When you consume salt in adequate quantities, it can clear your throat and make your respiratory tract immune from infections.

Gargling with salt water is said to be one of the most traditional methods of defeating the common cold and sore throat. It is helpful in fighting off all the symptoms too.

Gargling with salt water also flushes out mucus. The mucus contains the bacteria and allergens that can cause the cold. However, when the saltwater flushes it out, the body enters the phase of recovery soon.

8. Take Hot Steam/Warm Bath

This might sound very silly but having a warm bath can cure and clear up the congestion completely.

If you have a fever, bathing, again and again, may be impossible as you have no energy. However, you can boil some water and take its steam. Some people prefer adding essential oils to the hot water as the vapour with aroma can help clear respiratory tract infections.

Taking hot steams at least twice or thrice a day can prevent the risk of future infections. If you prefer a warm bath or hot water baths, add Epsom salt or baking soda. This can reduce body temperature and body ache caused by the common cold.

9. Zinc 

Zinc is the saviour whenever you’re sick. When a person has low zinc content or is deficient, he or she may fall sick easily. Adding some Zinc to your diet may increase your immunity and your body can fight with the cold and its symptoms better.

Zinc can be availed from foods such as red meat, shellfish, lentils, chickpeas, beans, nuts, seeds, dairy and eggs. You may consume this every day and see how it works for you in the long run. Not only cold but all diseases will stay away from you when your body receives Zinc in adequate amount.

10. Essential Oils

Most essential oils can help in the treatment of the common cold. You may add cinnamon oil, peppermint oil, geranium oil, lemon oil or oregano oil in your steam pot or apply them directly on the affected areas. Rubbing some oils on your nose, forehead and chest may relieve you from congestion immediately.

11. Vapor Rub

Vicks and other vapour rubs are the best and immediate remedies for congestion. Since the rub contains many essential oils already, it is the safest option that can relieve you from headaches and congestion almost immediately. You may even add it to your steam pot.


While you do these herbal remedies, always remember to eat lighter meals when you’re sick. Taking enough rest and consuming enough water is essentially important too as it keeps your body hydrated.

You should avoid foods like fatty foods, junk food, oily, meats, caffeine and alcohol. In case you go out, always carry a tiffin box with you. Eating outside meals is not advised when you’re suffering from a cold.

In case the symptoms don’t go away, you should consult a doctor.



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