Remedies for Toddler Cold

10 Home Herbal Remedies for Toddler Cold: Easy & Safe for Kids

A common cold is indeed called common as it is extremely common for anyone to catch. Toddlers have weaker immunity and may catch cold faster than adults.

Toddlers need to have a good and healthy immune system to be able to avoid cold and cough. However, most kids suffer from recurring cold and cough problems.

If your toddler coughs too much, has a high fever, skin allergies, and feels weak, you must consult a doctor immediately.

With some antiviral or antibacterial medicines, your child’s cold will be treated immediately. Also, to ensure your baby doesn’t get a common cold again, you must take care of the baby’s eating habits and try some herbal or home remedies.

Although common cold doesn’t do much harm, it disturbs your child’s growth and development. You can try the following home herbal remedies for your toddler’s cold. 

1. Honey

Honey is full of antioxidants and has many antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral properties that are extremely helpful in treating the common cold. Just a teaspoon of honey can do its job. You should give only one teaspoon of honey or even half is okay if you are doubtful at first. 

Do not serve honey to your toddler if he or she is below the age of one. It is not safe for kids below the age of one to have honey as it may harm their bodies.

If your child is one year old or more, you may serve honey at the bedtime to get the best results.

2. Hydrate Your Toddler

Dehydration can often lead to weaker immunity. It is important to hydrate your toddler with water, fruit juices, hot soups and smoothies.

You must ensure that your child is able to drink water and fluids. If there is a problem with drinking water, it is a sign that your child has troubles moving air and there’s a lot of congestion. 

You can get creative and offer fruits that have a lot of water content in them. Kids love oranges, kiwis, grapes and watermelon.

Fruits that have a bit of citrus or vitamin C in them can be very effective in treating the common cold.

3. Probiotics

Probiotics can be very helpful in building immunity against common cold and cough in toddlers. Regular consumption of yogurt, curd, kimchi etc can help the toddler gain strength to fight cold and infections.

Probiotics are famous for generating good bacteria in the gut that can fight off the bad bacteria. It can also treat bacterial cold and viral infections easily. 

4. Saltwater 

Some parents believe in using saltwater as nasal drops to relieve congestion in kids. However, if the kid is young, it can irritate his skin.

You can use saline sprays if your baby is very young. You may even teach the kid to gargle with saltwater.

Gargling helps the throat to clear up and become smoother. It reduces the respiratory tract’s inflammation and helps clear nasal congestion as well.

If gargling is difficult, simply feed warm water to your child and add only a pinch of salt. This can help break down the mucus too.

5. Chicken Soup/Ginger-Garlic Soup

If your baby has just started eating solids, this may be the best home remedy. Feeding soup to your baby instead of other foods can help treat cold faster.

You can give your toddler a bowl of chicken soup or ginger-garlic soup to relieve nasal, throat and chest congestion.

The vegetables and spices in the soups can provide a lot of nutrition to your baby. This helps fight cold effectively.

It eases inflammation and treats the infection. If your baby can’t eat the veggies in the soup, blend them all or feed the puree of the veggies in the soup.  

6. Steam

Bathing with hot water can be a good source of steam inhalation. If your toddler is burning with fever, bathing won’t be the best option.

You can instead give your toddler some steam using a steam pot. Steam helps break down mucus and improves air inhalation.

Rub some Vicks Vaporub before giving steam and see the results. Repeat it twice a day.

7. Cool-Mist Humidifier

Keeping a cool-mist humidifier in your baby’s room can help reduce chest and nasal congestion. This should be especially followed at night as your toddler may cough a lot at night.

Make sure you change the water from the humidifier daily to avoid the growth of bacteria and mold in your baby’s room.

You may make your baby sit in a warm bath before bedtime and then use the humidifier to get the best result. This will completely break the mucus and your baby will be able to sleep well. 

8. Eucalyptus Oil

Just a few drops of eucalyptus oil can be enough to relieve nasal congestion. The oil has a strong smell that helps your toddler breathe well. 

Since this essential oil is very strong, you should just put two drops of this oil and leave it on a cotton ball near your baby’s bed.

The smell of eucalyptus will prevent nasal congestion at night. Make sure your baby doesn’t ingest this as it can lead to health issues.

9. Hot Water Compress

A hot water compress is the safest option for your toddler as it has no side-effects at all. Leave a cotton cloth in a bowl of hot water, squeeze out the excess water and place the cloth on your baby’s chest or forehead. The warmth helps to break down the mucus. 

You may also use a cold compress for a reverse remedy.

10. Vicks VapoRub

We can’t really smash menthol leaves and make a rub at home. However, we do have Vicks VapoRub as our savior.

Research suggests rubbing your child’s chest with a little amount of Baby Vicks helps reduce cold and cough symptoms at night. This is the easiest over-the-counter remedy you could try for instant cold relief.


Common Cold keeps knocking at our doors and we can do very little to control the transmission of the cold virus and bacteria.

However, our toddlers can not bear so much at a very little age. You must consult a doctor and feed vitamin C-rich foods to your baby. This can improve his immunity and help fight diseases.

Make sure the cold is treated naturally to avoid side-effects. Avoid giving too many medicines to your toddlers!

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