Weak-Brittle Nails

10 Best Herbal Home Remedies to Get Rid of Weak-Brittle Nails

Your nails beautify your hands, your nails can highlight your personality. When you have weak or brittle nails, you might often scratch your skin even while touching your fingers onto any surface.

These can be very painful, especially when they break on their own. 

Weak or brittle nails may represent some deficiency. Iron, magnesium, calcium or certain vitamins deficiency may result in brittle nails.

Your age and genetics can play a huge role in determining your skin and nail’s health. 

Sometimes, weak nails can be a result of lack of moisture too. When you expose them to too much detergent, soaps or harsh chemicals, they can dry up and become weak or brittle. This might be harsh on your skin too.

Whereas, in some cases, excess moisture may make the nails soft and brittle too. So ensure you balance the pH well.

In worst cases, brittle nails can represent hypothyroidism or an autoimmune disease too. You must talk to your doctor if the condition doesn’t improve after all you do.

In most cases, weak and brittle nails can be treated at home. Here are some herbal home remedies to treat weak and brittle nails. 

1. Coconut Oil

Lack of moisture content in your nails can cause infections, dryness and paleness. This should be treated on time or you may suffer from severe consequences such as dry hands, patchy skin around the nails, bleeding cuticles and breaking of nails frequently.

To retain moisture, coconut oil should be massaged on your nails and skin around them. This oil has wonderful antioxidants and hydrating properties. It can soften the cuticles and stop the bleeding and soften the cracks. 

Applying some coconut oil and covering the nail with a round bandaid can help retain the moisture. Repeating this daily can help your nails look better. Also, don’t forget to wash your nails and hands with a gentle or hydrating hand wash. 

2. Olive Oil and Lemon Juice

Olive Oil has a great amount of calcium and other minerals. You can simply dip your nails in olive oil for 10 minutes and then rinse it off with hot or cold water. It helps your nails become stronger and less brittle.

Adding a few drops of lemon juice to olive oil can help cleanse and hydrate your nails. Massage this mixture onto your nails, wear a soft glove and leave it overnight.

This remedy needs to be repeated three to four times every week.

3. Sea Salt

Sea Salt is famous for its exfoliating and healing properties. It is said to have anti-ageing properties that can help your nails grow younger and moist. Sea salt is said to prevent the weak and brittle nails caused by nail fungus as well.

You can try a sea salt mail soak. In a cup of warm water, add some sea salt and dip in your nails. Soak them for 10-15 minutes.

This nail soak can soften the nails, bring back the original pH and exfoliates the dead skin around the nails too. You can repeat this on every alternate day.

4. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is said to have antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties that can heal an infection or nail condition. It is often used in aromatherapies and manicures for natural healing.

This antiseptic oil can treat brittle nails caused by a fungal infection. Massaging your nails with tea tree oil can reduce the discolouration in the brittle and weak nails and can moisturize them too.

As dry and brittle nails can be infected easily, tea tree oil can disinfect them too. Remember to mix a carrier oil in tea tree oil before application or adding in your nail soak solution.

5. Milk & Egg

Both milk and egg are known for their numerous benefits for skin and hair. When you mix milk with egg’s yolk, it becomes a thick, moisturizing and nourishing dip for your nails.

Beat or whisk the solution and dip or soak your nails in the solution for a few minutes. This can prevent splitting and breaking of brittle nails. Wash off with lukewarm water after soaking your nails. 

6. Vaseline

Cracked skin or brittle nails, chapped lips or rough skin, almost every skin and nail condition can be treated by petroleum jelly or vaseline.

This multipurpose jelly moisturizer acts as a hydrating lotion for your nails and the skin around it.

You should simply massage your nails with Vaseline every night and wear soft gloves. Rinse it off in the morning. Repeat it every day for a month for best results.

7. Iron Intake

An iron deficiency could result in peeling, weak or brittle nails. You must consume foods that are rich in iron: cereals, lean meats, lentils, spinach, wheatgrass, beetroots, white beans or iron supplements that can be combined with your meals.

Consuming iron on a daily basis can prevent skin and nail conditions in future.

8. Biotin

Biotin should be taken daily to ensure your body gets enough of it. You can get enough biotin from meats, eggs, fish, meat, seeds, nuts, and certain vegetables such as sweet potatoes.

Biotin can strengthen your hair, nails and skin effectively.

You may also consume biotin in the form of a dietary supplement.

9. Garlic

Garlic’s antifungal and antibacterial qualities can help get rid of weak and brittle nails immediately. These have a strong aroma and hence should not be added to any soak. You may simply crush some garlic cloves and massage your nails with the garlic paste.

Rinse it off later with lukewarm water and ensure you moisturize your nails every time.

10. Remain Hydrated

It is important to remain hydrated every now and then. You must consume at least 12-15 big glasses of water every day to flush out toxins and make your skin, nails and hair hydrated and moist. 

You may replace some water with smoothies, fruits and vegetable juices. You may also include medicinal juices, curries and watery fruits that have a lot of water content in them. 


These remedies have been tried and tested by many experts already. They work really well; however, you need to be patient with these. 

Make sure you leave some gaps between manicure treatments. Do not apply too much nail polish as they may make the condition worse.

Also, nail polish removers can dry up and harden the nails causing them to be weak and brittle. So trim your nails regularly and love them as much as you love yourself!













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